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Hi, I’m Vicki Bradley, an executive coach.


I work with presidents and CEOs to build strong executive teams by identifying leadership potential—especially in women—and giving those leaders the coaching and skills necessary to succeed in the C-suite.

That means I have two clients: the women pursuing success in executive leadership roles and the presidents and CEOs who understand that strong businesses are built with strong, diverse leadership.  

Presidents and CEOs

Do any of these leadership problems sound familiar?

  • It’s succession-planning time and you’d like to include an up-and-comer in your plan because you see huge potential. But you can’t…because she struggles to get her point across.

  • Someone on your team rubs you the wrong way or just isn’t delivering results and your HR director suggests coaching before considering termination.

  • Your executive team is mostly men and you’d like to see more women in these leadership roles, but you’ve had difficulty identifying and attracting the right talent to ensure a high-success ratio.

As the head of the team, you know you can’t solve these problems alone or mentor everyone. You don’t have the time, but you do feel the responsibility.  

That’s where I come in.

The Executive Coach With An Executive Track Record

Unlike most executive coaches, I’ve got 30+ years of North American experience as a senior executive, including roles as VP at Holt Renfrew, SVP at Marks and Spencer, President at the Bombay Furniture Company and board member of the Retail Council of Canada.

This means I understand the issues and demands facing senior executives because I’ve been there myself. I focused my entire career on creating high-performance teams, identifying top talent, and pushing them out of their comfort zone to achieve optimal performance.



To schedule a free 30-minute discovery call, click here. During this conversation, we’ll talk about your business challenges, what keeps you up at night, what you’d like coaching to accomplish for your chosen employee(s) and how to use a well-designed coaching program to help your team achieve optimal performance.

Heather Briant | CHRE, Senior Vice President, Human Resources


To talk to Vicki about how executive coaching helps build optimal performance in leadership roles, call or email today.




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