When you work with me, you get a coach who has spent decades in senior executive roles throughout North America, including 9 years as the president of the Bombay Furniture Company.


That means I understand the issues and demands facing senior executives because I’ve been there myself and I know the challenges—and rewards—of identifying top talent and creating high-performance teams.

My executive coaching services help businesses and individuals drive bottom line results through

optimal performance.

Services for Organizations

Here are some ways I can help:

  • Develop a strong team: identify your employee’s potential and help them achieve it.

  • Create a culture of trust: The need for trust in the workplace is a fundamental building block of any organization and can be regarded as so important as to make issues pertaining to trust capable of making or breaking an organization’s culture.

  • Ensure gender diversity: Companies that have gender equality earn on average 15% higher returns

  • Identify high potential employees: Often times, it is more effective to develop existing employees than to recruit and train new employees. Are you maximizing your employee’s potential?

  • Recruit the right individual: This is where I find you the right people to fill your leadership spots, based on your needs. Because you don’t just want to fill a position --- you need someone who’s the right fit, can hit the ground running and will stick around.

  • Discover Unconscious bias: Companies today cannot afford to close a blind eye to the biases that are happening all around us and most times it is totally unconscious. This is where I help you to identify when and where this happens and put best practices into place to create a culture that employees respect and admire.

"[Women] are … half as likely as men to have had a senior leader support their promotion. To create opportunities for women to advance in their careers and ascend to leadership ranks, it is important for companies to support women’s ambitions and for women to commit to the sectors and roles that create paths to leadership."

- McKinsey Report: The Power of Parity, June 2017

How it works:

Executive Coaching

This is where CEOs and presidents hire me to help someone on their team become a better and more effective leader, whether she’s a seasoned executive or an up-and-comer. Executive coaching services include 3-month, 6-month and 12-month programs. Each program includes an attitudinal assessment, a discovery session with the hiring CEO or president, bi-weekly sessions for the leader I’m coaching and general progress reports.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is an Attitudinal Assessment that helps you see how you show up in the world in normal times and during stressful times. It is not a personality test, which is largely static over a lifetime and not meant to change, but it is a subjective assessment. Some reasons people use the ELI:

  • Decision making

  • Communication

  • An Intervention tool

  • Stress Management

  • Leadership/Employee Engagement


The ELI assessment helps you to better understand where you are now, where you want to go and what you want to change. This eye-opening assessment measures energy levels- based on attitudes and perceptions- and points the way to increased leadership capacity through shifts in attitude, perspective, and desired behaviours.


Forbes Ranks Top 11 Assessments every Executive Should Take (May, 2018)

“#3 Energy Leadership Index Assessment Provides unique lens on self awareness and emotional intelligence, two key ingredients for any leader. Situational awareness of yourself and others is critical for a leader to respond appropriately to the people in their charge. Understanding where you are at any moment and how you respond to stress can make all the difference.”

360° Reviews

In some cases, a 360° review is necessary to determine how a coaching client is perceived by her peers, superiors and direct-reports. This tool illuminates blind spots, shows where improvement is needed and reinforces what’s working well. 

Executive Recruitment

I work with you to identify, attract and secure the right talent for your executive team: someone who’s a great fit for the role with potential for long-term growth in your organization. Because it’s too expensive and time-consuming to make a hiring mistake at the executive level, I work closely with you and your team to get the results you need: hiring right, the first time around.

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Services for Individuals

Coaching for Women in the C-suite and on the Leadership Track


I help women who want to gain the confidence and skills necessary to be an authentic and effective leader, where they are now and all the way up to the CEO’s office.


Here are some ways I can help:

  • Achieve your full potential

  • Develop Unshakeable Confidence

  • Improve your resiliency

  • Get that next promotion with the pay you desire

  • Improve your emotional Intelligence

  • Effectively communicate especially with the difficult conversations

  • Create your own personal vision and life strategy

  • Develop key skills for superior leadership

  • Identify your next career move or career advice

  • Enhance your level of clarity and better decision making

CEO Coaching

Nobody talks about the unique pressures facing a CEO; ultimately the CEO is responsible for everything—all decisions, results, failures—and this can be a lonely place. CEO coaching provides the support, skills and guidance to help CEOs stay cool under immense pressure. The coach is a much needed sounding board and objective 3rd party providing a very different lens to the discussion. 

Executive coaching services include à la carte sessions, 3-month and 6-month programs. Each program includes an attitudinal assessment, a discovery session and bi-weekly coaching sessions.

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The Easiest Way to Get Started with Executive Coaching

To schedule a free 30-minute discovery call, click here. During this no-obligation conversation, we’ll talk about your business challenges, what keeps you up at night, what you’d like coaching to accomplish and how to use a well-designed coaching program to achieve optimal performance.


To talk to Vicki about how executive coaching helps build optimal performance in leadership roles, call or email today.




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